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I took a magazine that was lying lonely on the sofa - pretty shabby, with brown coffee marks from mugs, with a blonde, but not busty, like in Leshkin's Playboy, but skinny and unisex. Reading either for housewives, or for socialites. She lazily flipped, indifferently running through the pictures with fresh radiant female faces - anti-wrinkle cream, paint from gray hair, perfume for men ... hmm, diamonds for gorillas ... anyway, gorillas and earrings hung together on some kind of vines

I can't afford diamonds, which means I don't have to worry about their carats and clarity. Perfume I have five years as the same - the eternal "Chanel No. 5". Dad likes it, so he gives it, but I don’t care, but he’s pleased. I am also not very interested in cosmetics in life. If it were not for the requirements of the casino authorities, forcing them to lure customers into the game with red lipstick and a wave of cow eyelashes, I would easily do without a cosmetic bag. Nivea's immortal cream has so far done an excellent job of meeting all the needs of my twenty-five-year-old skin and soul.

A tired look stopped at the spread of the magazine - "Horoscope for September 30", there was nothing more serious than the strength to read. "Twin. A day full of surprises awaits you: news from a loved one, an unexpected meeting and a romantic date. Directly not a horoscope, but a four From English. girl - a girl.



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