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(Another) Chef's Special Menu.

What is Chef's Special Menu and what does it really means?

*Chef's kiss*

When we're talking about Thai Cuisine in general, we're talking about vast - broad - variety of dishes. Surely enough we cannot fit ALL of those variety in one small menu.

That's why we come up with Chef's Special Menu.

Carefully curated and renewed overtime - our Chef's Special menu ideas came from our Khao Hom family, and cook to perfection by our in-house Chefs. With experience as a Banyan Tree Resort Chef, our main chef also he give his personal touches on these dishes.

Of course to entertain the crowd and keep the innovation going - we'll change some of the menu overtime! So you'll always have new dining experiences with Khao Hom :)

You can browse our Chef's Special menu on:

*ps: Please let us know which Chef's Special menu dish is your favourite!

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