Banana Fritters with Chocolate Gelato - Our latest menu on Dessert Section

Banana Fritters with Chocolate Gelato - กล้วยทอดเสิฟร์กับไอศครีม

There's always a room for dessert. It has been scientifically proven that this sentence is not just a myth, and there are no longer a reason to say 'No' to the innocent dessert.

So, after get your authentic & satisfying Thai food at Khao Hom by Rung Mama, say 'YES' to the dessert.


It's all start with a banana 🍌. An innocent summery fruit that give us energy, without fats and without cholesterol.

Battered the banana and it gives us Banana Fritters. Some would say that's good enough, and we are agree with you! It's good enough - but wait, there's more what if we topped it up with Chocolate!? 🍫