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Gelato? Is it Different from Ice Cream? Which one’s better?

The Sun is going strong in it’s peak, no cloud seen anywhere, no shades, nor trees to give you a break. Your pore start to get wet unconsciously, and in a flash drop of water running down from your forehead, leaving that uncomfortable sensation all over your body.


TL;DR: Gelato IS different from Ice Cream. Gelato has lesser fat content, and richer in it’s flavor compare to it’s cousin, the Ice Cream.

All of sudden you heard a bell clinging, and your tummy tingling, your heart faster thumping, because you saw the ice cream freezer display from afar. You draw nearer, and nearer to saw a frozen dairy behind the glass, dancing and calling your name to give you that smack of coldness on your lips. Just to find out there are no words ‘Ice Cream’ anywhere you can found around you. What you read was ‘Gelato’, and you are wondering,

What in the world are gelato? Is it the Ice Cream’s uncle name? Is it a new kind of ice cream - that isn’t as good as an ice cream?

Gelato, is actually Italian word for ice cream. It has less proportion of cream, and less egg (even some have no egg). It contain lesser air than ice cream, it makes Gelato denser and richer in taste, to cover back the air that is lost from ice cream. It’s kind of like your big bag of potato chip, but no air, and to swap that air, we put more chips. Hence makes it denser, and richer with chips, well in Gelato scenario, is the base ingredients (depends on the flavor, if it’s chocolate, means more chocolate. If it’s mango, means more mango - you know the gist.)

Gelato is kind of like your big bag of potato chip, but no air, and to swap that air, we put more chips.

Khao Hom by Rung Mama served Gelato in it’s premises. When this article is being write down, they served Chocolate Gelato, Thai Milk Tea Gelato, Coconut Gelato, Pandan Lemongrass Gelato, and Mango Gelato (Non-Dairy). Each gelato can be served as independently as a dessert, and mixing Coconut Gelato with Red Ruby (Traditional, and authentic Thai dessert) that is must-try, besides the Red Ruby to be consumed by itself.

So now you know that Khao Hom served Ice Cream, ice cream with lesser fat than the ice cream that normally you know, and richer taste than the normal ice cream that you know. We called it a-Gelato (Italian accent)

There, another reason to give us a visit. A tasty Authentic Thai Food, with bold taste. Ends with Gelato dessert, with it’s lesser fat contain, and richer ingredients - what a day to felt productive, and a treat to your tummy.

We will see you at Khao Hom by Rung Mama.


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